WHAT Students SAY

"What I have learned in the courses I have taken with you has had a significant impact in my life. I look at things in a new light, and the world seems much clearer...Also, I was able to separate myself from my own thoughts and feelings, observe them, and supplement more positive thoughts anytime that I could. I humbly thank you for teaching a class that has done so much for me. Your classes have given me so many useful tools that I will use for the rest of my life."

Courses I Teach

  • PSY 3020: Statistical Methods

  • PSY 3021: Experimental Design and Methodology

  • PSY 3022: Applied Methods and Measurement

  • PSY 3525: Behavior Analysis in the Workplace

  • PSY 3611: Learning and Behavior

  • PSY 3613: Applied Behavior Analysis and Behavior Change

  • PSY 3707: Organizational Psychology

  • Coaching

  • Performance Management

  • Systems Analysis

  • Training / Instructional Design

  • Process Analysis

  • Data Analysis

Advising / Mentoring
  • PSY 5500: Behavioral Approaches to Worker Wellbeing

  • PSY 8705: Organizational Systems and Development

  • PSY 8706: Personnel Training and Development

  • Graduate research

  • Undergraduate research

  • Career advising in Applied Behavior Analysis, Organizational Behavior Management, I/O Psychology, & Occupational Health Psychology

Awards & Nominations

  • 2015-16 Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching (nominated)

  • 2012-13 CEHSP Outstanding Advisor Award

  • 2012 Outstanding Faculty Award, UMD Student Awards

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